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BERP For Small Trombone & European Shank Euphoniums

BERP #4 for Small Trombone / European Shank Euphonium - Buzz Tuition Aid
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The BERP (or Buzz Extension and Resistance Piece) is a revolutionary new brass instrument training aid which grew out of the concept of buzzing, which has been used for many years as a teaching technique for brass players.

The BERP training aid is simple and easy to use, just clamp the unit around the receiver opening of any brand or model of brass instrument, place your mouthpiece into the BERP, adjust the resistance dial to your desired level, then get BERPing!

The Ultimate BERP is a simple, but extremely efficient learning tool. BERPing on a regular basis will make you a better brass player, guaranteed!

If you play a brass instrument, there’s an Ultimate BERP for you. The BERP clamps firmly onto the open end of the receiver, with the mouthpiece removed. The clamp is designed to tighten around a round, hex or convex shaped opening. On some receivers which have an oversize ring at the opening, it may be necessary to push the clamp past that before tightening down. Most people prefer the Ultimate BERP to be lined up parallel to the receiver at the “three o’clock” position. You may experiment with it in other positions to determine what is best for you. Once the BERP is firmly attached, you can then alternate easily between buzzing and playing your instrument by switching the mouthpiece.

The adjustable resistance dial slides over four holes to let you tune the BERP to any resistance you want. Beginners can set it to the resistance that matches their ability. The dial for the trumpet, horn and cornet BERP should be positioned below the holes and pushed up to cover however much of the holes creates the desired resistance. The dial on the BERP for trombones, euphoniums and tuba should be positioned above the holes and lowered to create the desired resistance. Beginners usually have a better chance of getting a good buzz with slightly more resistance. Once a good buzz is achieved, resistance on the BERP should then be dialled similar to that on the instrument.

The Side-by-side design lets you switch between playing and buzzing instantly. You can efficiently work out passages through playing and buzzing more easily. There’s also a separate instructional CD available to help you get BERPing.

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